Class Descriptions

  • HIIT - Our fat-blasting High-Intensity Interval Training class designed to scorch a TON of calories and increase your calorie burn even after class is over!! 

  • HIIT Box - Same High-Intensity calorie scorching class, but we mixed in some boxing!! Come kick some butt with us in this knockout class! *Must have hand/protection (hand wraps or boxing/MMA gloves)! MMA gloves are available for purchase at the studio!

  • Strength Boot Camp - Strength Boot Camp is our muscle and strength building class. This is the perfect class to come get a sweat on and work on increasing your strength and muscular endurance!

  • Barre Fusion - This one hour class is a high intensity, low impact class focusing on burning calories, functional movement, and some recovery.

  • Bungee - Bungee is a low-impact, cardio-based class where you will burn a ton of calories! Come try some fun new moves and get your sweat on! Evening classes will end with a glass of Fitvine Wine to unwind. 

  • Yoga - A great way to improve your mind and body well-being, help your muscles recover, improve breathing and more. Join us for a 45 minute flow style Yoga to relax your mind and body and get right! Please bring your own yoga mat!

Our Coaches

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